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Timeline of events that formed ‘backbone’ of Grenfell Tower fire tragedy

Key events identified by Sir Martin Moore-Bick.

Grenfell Tower in west London on the day the first report into the fire is published (Steve Parsons/PA)
Grenfell Tower in west London on the day the first report into the fire is published (Steve Parsons/PA)

By Jemma Crew, PA

The public inquiry has published a thorough narrative of the night of the Grenfell Tower fire on June 14 2017.

Going into painstaking detail, the inquiry chairman has divided the night into 11 periods from when the first 999 call was made to the escape of the last survivor.

Here are the key events that Sir Martin Moore-Bick has identified as forming the “backbone” of the night.

00.54 Behailu Kebede calls 999 to report a fire in Flat 16, floor 4 Grenfell Tower.

00.59 First firefighters reach the tower.

01.09 Fire breaks out of Flat 16 into exterior cladding and starts to climb the east facade rapidly.

01.14 Firefighters enter the kitchen of Flat 16 for the first time.

01.21 First 999 call to the control room from an occupant in the tower (Naomi Li, Flat 195, floor 22).

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01.25 First 999 call to report smoke coming into flat from lobby (Denis Murphy, Flat 111, floor 14).

01.26 The Metropolitan Police declare a major incident.

01.27 Fire reaches the roof and starts to spread horizontally.

01.30 First 999 call reporting fire penetrating a flat (Mariem Elgwahry, Flat 196, floor 22).

01.31 By this time 110 out of 297 occupants have escaped; the fire starts to spread to the north elevation of the tower.

01.42 The London Ambulance Service (LAS) declares a significant incident.

01.45 First NPAS (police) helicopter arrives at the scene.

01.50 By this time 168 of 297 occupants had escaped.

02.00 Flames travel across the north and east elevations of the tower, and start to spread around the crown and diagonally across the face of the building, affecting flats in the south-east and north-west corners.

02.06 Group Manager Richard Welch declares a major incident.

02.20 Flames start to spread to south elevation.

02.26 The LAS declares a major incident

02.35 Control room decides to revoke the “stay put” advice and tell all occupants calling 999 to leave the tower.

02.47 Assistant Commissioner Andrew Roe revokes the “stay put” advice.

02.50 Fire spreads horizontally across the south elevation at the crown. Commissioner Dany Cotton arrives at Grenfell Tower.

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03.00 Fire starts to spread across the west elevation of tower, from north to south.

03.20 First Tactical Co-ordination Group (TCG) meeting.

03.30 Flames continue to spread across the south and west elevations of the tower.

04.02 Fires on the south and west elevations start to converge at the top of the southern corner of the west face.

08.07 Elpidio Bonifacio, the last survivor to leave the tower, is evacuated.



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