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Titanic Belfast girl's message in a bottle finds owner in Scotland

By Donna Deeney

A little girl's message in a bottle from Belfast's Titanic Centre has washed up on a Scottish island hundreds of miles away.

Morgan McGhee (9) from Fife in Scotland visited the landmark attraction with her family on August 13 last year.

But before she left, she put her ticket to the venue and a note in a bottle and sent it out to sea, asking whoever found it to contact her through Facebook.

Earlier this month, Anne Turton from North Yorkshire was walking along the beach on the Isle of Skye when she noticed a bottle - the one Morgan cast adrift in Belfast.

Ms Turton took to social media in a bid to let Morgan know that she had found her letter.

She posted a picture of Morgan's note and the ticket to the Titanic Centre on Facebook and the post was shared more than 10,000 times. Among those who read it was someone who knew Morgan's mum, Maureen White.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, Ms Turton said: "I am quite a curious person and I love walking along beaches, so when I noticed the bottle lying along the shore in Skye where we were on holiday at the start of May I went straight over to it.

"I could see there was something inside the plastic bottle but I was so delighted when I took off the lid and there was another plastic zip bag with the note and ticket inside.

"When I read the note there was no way I wasn't going to try and find Morgan and let her know I had picked up her bottle. What amazed me was how much attention it got on Facebook. I'm not very good at social media but a friend showed me how to make the post public and it just went crazy.

"Over 10,000 people shared my post and incredibly, within a day, Morgan's mum Maureen got in contact with me.

"She told me Morgan was so excited that someone had found her bottle and she thought she was famous because so many people knew about it.

"I offered to return the note and the ticket but Maureen said I could keep it. I will treasure both, it is fantastic to be part of such an unusual story."

Morgan's mother was alerted to Ms Turton's Facebook post through a work colleague.

Mrs White said: "When I told Morgan it had been found, she was over the moon and so were her dad and me.

"It was quite emotional and amazing to see such a big smile on a wee girl's face."

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