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Tommy Robinson supporters celebrate court ruling

They were opposed by Stand Up To Racism protesters outside the Royal Courts of Justice.

Rival groups of Tommy Robinson supporters and “Stand Up To Racism” protesters gathered outside the Royal Courts of Justice and swapped chants.

Both groups contained about 30 people and were outnumbered by watching police.

Robinson supporters cheered when news of the ruling filtered through.

A Royal Navy veteran who saw action in the Falklands was the first Robinson supporter to arrive.

Demonstrators against Tommy Robinson outside the Royal Courts of Justice in London (John Stilwell/PA)

Vince Cawthron, 70, made a four-and-a-half hour coach trip from his home near Cwmbran.

He said he thought Robinson had been unfairly treated.

“I am quietly pleased,” Mr Cawthron, who was born in Hull, said after the decision.

“He could be back with his family in hours.”

Another supporter, David Scott, 59, from Reading, said: “Brilliant result. I think it’s the best we can hope for at the moment. Hopefully it will start a backlash against what’s gone wrong with this country.”

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