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Tony Blair: Theresa May will be PM ‘if the polls are right’

The former prime minister has been a high-profile critic of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, but he said he would vote Labour on June 8.

Labour former prime minister Tony Blair has said Theresa May is on course to win the General Election “if the polls are right”.

The party’s most electorally successful leader has been critical of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership but has confirmed he will vote Labour on June 8.

He told Sky News: “If the polls are right, we know who is going to be prime minister on June 9.

“That’s not the issue. It will be Theresa May, if the polls are right, if the polls are right.

“I’m not predicting that.”

Mr Blair said the “real issue” of the election was whether Mrs May would be given a “blank cheque”, rather than Mr Corbyn’s leadership.

“It’s what mandate does she claim both on Brexit and on the health service, education and all the other things.

“I think the most powerful argument for Labour in this election, because of the way the polls are and the way the opinion polls are on the leadership issue, the most powerful argument for Labour is to say it is important for our democracy that the government is held properly to account and she needs a strong opposition.”

Responding to the comments, Mr Corbyn said: “I’m out on the streets and the doorsteps and the meeting halls every day and that’s not what I’m finding. I’m finding the enthusiasm of people at the prospect of doing things differently to work for everyone and I’m enjoying it.”


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