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Tory MP tells Commons Speaker he is happy to ‘take a spanking’

Bob Stewart drew laughs with the comment, telling MPs ‘I think it’s one of those debates’.

Retired British Army colonel Bob Stewart drew laughs in the House of Commons after telling MPs he was happy to “take a spanking”.

The Tory MP made the comment after Speaker John Bercow intervened on an exchange between himself and Sir Edward Leigh.

Mr Stewart, speaking in a backbench business debate, was raising the issue of pay for young barristers when fellow Tory Sir Edward intervened to shed more light on the topic.

Mr Stewart said: “I thank my great friend, he’s probably a learned friend.”

Sir Edward responded: “I’m not learned at all.”

To which Mr Bercow said: “It may be that (Sir Edward) is not in the parliamentary sense learned, but I think we can all agree that he is distinguished.”

Mr Stewart then added: “Mr Speaker, as ever you put me properly in my box and as ever I take a spanking without any problem.”

The comment drew laughs, with Dr Julian Lewis chirping “too much information”, before Mr Stewart could conclude: “I think it’s one of those debates”.

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