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Tory photo marks 1922 anniversary

The Conservative Parliamentary Party has been photographed en masse in the House of Commons for the first time to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the backbench 1922 Committee.

Currently chaired by Graham Brady, the committee was formed to act as a platform for backbench Tories and to raise concerns with the leadership.

Formed in 1923, the committee was named for the 1922 general election and today plays a key role in aspects of the party management, including collecting letters for potential leadership challenges.

The photograph - which is omitting Chancellor George Osborne and a handful of other MPs - was taken on the eve of the second reading debate on James Wharton's European Referendum Bill in July.

Mr Wharton, who introduced the Bill after winning a high place in the private member's bill ballot, is seen sitting at the feet of Prime Minister David Cameron.

Mr Brady said: "I think this is the first time that Conservative Members of Parliament have been photographed in the House of Commons chamber, and it was a fitting way to mark the 90th anniversary of the 1922 Committee.

"The '22 was set up by Conservatives elected for the first time in 1922 when a Conservative majority government brought a period of coalition to an end.

"For many years we have provided the channel of communication between backbenchers and the leaders of the Conservative Party.

"The photograph was taken on the eve of the second reading vote for James Wharton's EU Referendum Bill and may in years to come be seen as marking an important Parliamentary occasion."


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