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Tory vote live: Rory Stewart eliminated from leadership race

Boris Johnson again topped the ballot.

Rory Stewart was eliminated (Dominic Lipinski/PA)
Rory Stewart was eliminated (Dominic Lipinski/PA)

Rory Stewart has been eliminated from the Conservative leadership race after the third round of voting by Tory MPs, as Boris Johnson again topped the ballot.

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Here’s the latest:


Watch: Who’s left in the leadership race?


Jeremy Hunt highlighted five reasons why he wants to be prime minister.


Michael Gove said he was “delighted” with the result.


Watch: Rory Stewart eliminated


A spokesman for Sajid Javid was bullish about his chances, saying he had been “underestimated all his life”, and he was not going to be pulling out of the race.

“He’s in it to win it,” he added. “And he’s going to be prime minister.”

On the issue of votes being lent a spokesman for Mr Javid said: “He’s never borrowed anything from anybody in his life.”

He added the Home Secretary was the “only candidate with a clear plan to unite Leave and Remain MPs”.


Asked if he was deflated, Mr Stewart told Sky News: “No, I’m feeling energised: the reality is you never know what MPs get up to in a secret ballot. They clearly decided that they were going to back a winner and they’re going to go in other directions.”

He said he was surprised that he had lost 10 votes, and did not understand why, adding: “But something in the air must have made them sense that something was going in the other direction.”

Mr Stewart, who would not say who he would now back, added that he was looking forward to seeing his two children, aged two and four, adding: “I’ve been getting up at six in the morning and going to bed at two in the morning.”


Charles Walker (centre) with Geoffrey Clifton-Brown (front left), Dame Cheryl Gillan (front right), Bob Blackman (back left) and Nigel Evans (back right), reads out the results of the third ballot (Stefan Rousseau/PA)


Sajid Javid said he was “delighted to make it through”.


And then there were four – the remaining candidates for the Tory leadership: Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Jeremy Hunt and Sajid Javid.





Here are the results of the third round of voting by Tory MPs:

– Michael Gove: 51

– Jeremy Hunt: 54

– Sajid Javid: 38

– Boris Johnson: 143

– Rory Stewart: 27


Rory Stewart has been eliminated from the Tory leadership race.


Former defence secretary Gavin Williamson said “never comment on numbers” as he left the voting room.


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Theresa May emerged from the third voting round to tell journalists “as I told you yesterday, none of your business” with a smile and a wag of her finger.


Speaking in the committee corridor outside the room where MPs were voting, Rory Stewart said he believed he had won support from two former backers of Dominic Raab, who was eliminated yesterday.

But Mr Stewart said he worried he may have lost support from a “female proxy voter”.

He said the “dark arts of Gavin Williamson’s proxy votes” could swing things, adding “this is all a mystery but we will know at 6 o’clock”.


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Environment Secretary Michael Gove told reporters after he voted: “I’ve got wonderful support from wonderful people, so fingers crossed.”


Home Secretary Sajid Javid, who only just survived the second round of voting, said he was “quietly confident” this time.

Asked where he expected to have won votes from, he said: “We’ll see – I’ll explain afterwards when I’ve won.”


Frontrunner Boris Johnson mumbled and smiled but did not answer questions from reporters after he voted in the third ballot.


Voting is under way in the third ballot in the Conservative Party leadership contest.

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, asked if he had enough supporters to survive the round, said: “I think so.”



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