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Travellers in talks with council

Travellers facing eviction from the UK's largest illegal site are meeting council officials.

Dale Farm representatives have met a delegation from Basildon Council at the Essex Police compound at Barleylands, near the site.

The talks were seen as a last attempt to resolve the planning dispute peacefully after travellers lost a High Court bid to stay on the six-acre site.

Basildon Council has warned that the site clearance could start at any time.

A council spokesman confirmed the council was meeting representatives of the travellers and supporters.

He said: "The purpose is to discuss a safe, dignified and humane site clearance. This is what Justice Edwards-Stuart indicated should happen, and the council has always said we would carry out the operation in this way.

"No parts of these talks are a negotiation about whether the clearance will happen or be delayed - that decision was finally made at the Court of Appeal yesterday when Mr Justice Sullivan completely backed up the judgment of Mr Justice Ouseley and refused permission to appeal the decision of the High Court."


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