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Treasury gets its own fatcat... a greedy mouser with attitude called Gladstone

by arj singh

Theresa May promised to clamp down on fatcats, but there is a new greedy feline at the Treasury.

The new Prime Minister has made tackling corporate greed central to her mission, but the arrival of Gladstone the cat as Whitehall's third official mouser may have thrown a spanner in the works.

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home said the black cat was "quite greedy" and "absolutely loves his food", adding that he was rehomed to the Treasury with an activity feeder to encourage him to eat slowly.

He joins Larry the Downing Street cat and Palmerston of the Foreign Office amid mounting speculation that the pair are engaged in a Whitehall turf war.

Chancellor Philip Hammond, who worked alongside Palmerston as foreign secretary before taking up his new post, tweeted: "Looks like I'm not the only new arrival @hmtreasury - welcome Gladstone!"

The new cat wasted no time getting involved in the apparent spat between Larry and Palmerston, with his official Instagram page describing him as an animal with "catitude".

A caption to a photo of the domestic short hair in a cat carrier read: "Me on my first day at my new home.

"The humans had to keep me in this cage in case I ran down the street and tormented some other mouser called 'Larry'.

"Personally, I've never heard of him. #movingday."

Named after former prime minister and chancellor William Ewart Gladstone, Gladstone's profile also describes him as "the most popular colleague at Her Majesty's Treasury where he catches mice and "receives cuddles".

Following a recent "fracas" with Palmerston, Larry had to be treated by a vet after developing a limp in his front right paw. It is unclear whether Palmerston was responsible for the injury, but the Foreign Office's "diplomog" has been pictured in recent days being evicted from No 10 and squaring up to Larry.

Battersea Dogs' and Cats' Home also revealed that Gladstone, who was previously known as Timmy, was found wandering the streets of London hungry and with no microchip. Gladstone is thought to be between one and two years old, but because he was a stray it is difficult to determine the animal's true age.

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