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Tribute acts star on The Voice

There were tribute acts galore on The Voice as the coaches whittled down the would-be singing stars in the penultimate blind auditions.

A fair number of the acts last night also brought a family connection to the BBC1 talent show.

Singer Amelia O'Connell had her family to support her with one notable exception - her father.

The 16 year-old from Liverpool, who performed folk song The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, said: "Today I've brought my family with me, but my dad can't come today.

"He's actually in Germany working on a tribute show. Basically, he does shows as Tom Jones. I've seen him once and it was the most embarrassing time of my life."

Sir Tom Jones, Aussie pop star Kylie Minogue and Ricky Wilson of the Kaiser Chiefs all turned around for the chance to try and convince her to join their separate teams.

Then, as it became clear that she was successfully being wooed onto Kylie's team, Sir Tom told her: "Don't upset your dad, whatever you do". It did not work and Kylie, who had claimed the youngster's singing had put her "in a trance", was successful.

Shenton Dixon, a tribute singer from Leicester, failed to make the cut with any of the judges. But his younger brother Bizzi bagged a spot on Sir Tom's team.

Shenton, who has carved a career paying tribute to artists including Barry White and Elvis, was told he hit the skids with an slightly off-key version of 'Ain't No Stopping Us'.

On hearing that Shenton's brother Bizzi, who had put a soulful spin on the rock song Use Somebody, was now centre-stage, Will.i.am noted that he "looked like the homeboy who was just on stage".

Sir Tom won Bizzi from Kylie's clutches by saying he wanted to work with him because he wanted "to hear more of what you can do".

At one point Will.i.am confused one of the show's would-be singing stars with his aunt.

Blackpool teenager Emily Adams was trying to impress the coaches with her version of Etta James's I'd Rather Go Blind.

The US star got a shock when he saw the 18-year-old student, telling her: ''Wow, I wasn't expecting that visually, from what I heard.''

Asked what he was expecting, the star said: "My aunt, yeah, the heavier one."

The youngster ended up among Ricky's pool of singers, as he pointed out that he "does not have Will.i.am's heavy-set aunt" on his team and he wanted more girls in his squad.

With one more set of blind auditions still to go - they take place next weekend - the coaches were getting more picky about hitting the button to turn their chairs around and pick a potential singer for their team.

Of the 12 spots available in each of their teams Ricky, Sir Tom and Will.i.am all have 10 acts while Kylie has 11.