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TUC leader hits out at Theresa May’s ‘do-nothing government’

Frances O’Grady said nothing has been done to stop Universal Credit cuts or tackle zero hours contracts.

The Prime Minister is being challenged to call a general election after being accused of “bankrupting” public services and doing “absolutely nothing” to help workers.

Frances O’Grady, general secretary of the TUC, said Theresa May had promised to help so-called just about managing families when she entered Downing Street.

She told the TUC Congress in Manchester that two years later, nothing had been done to stop Universal Credit cuts, tackle zero hours contracts, build enough council homes or improve wages.

She said: “We have a hear-nothing see-nothing do-nothing government.

“Working people deserve a better government than this one.”

She told the Prime Minister to stand down if she cannot deliver a Brexit deal that protects jobs and rights, and properly fund public services.

“If you won’t give us the new deal that working people demand Mrs May, stand down and take your do-nothing government with you.

“Give us a general election and we’ll do everything in our power to elect a new prime minister who will.”

Ms O’Grady accused Boris Johnson of “dog whistle racism” over his recent controversial comments about burkas.

She won loud applause from delegates when she said: “A woman who wears a niqab or a burka is still our sister.

“We defend the right of Muslim women, and all women, to wear whatever they want.”

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