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Tunnelling badgers force emergency closure of road

The route in Somersham, Suffolk, may not be repaired until the badger breeding season ends in summer.

Tunnelling badgers have forced the closure of a road which has started to sink, and it may remain shut until the badger breeding season finishes in summer.

Suffolk County Council received reports that Flowton Road in Somersham was “sinking due to animal activity”, and evidence of a live badger sett was later observed.

An emergency road closure was put in place on March 15.

“As badgers are a protected species Suffolk Highways has a legal obligation to seek a licence from Natural England to undertake road repairs in the vicinity of badgers,” a council spokesman said.

“To ensure that badgers are not disturbed during their breeding season Natural England usually only issue licences between 1 July and 30 November.

“Suffolk Highways are now liaising with Natural England to plan the necessary repair works, which are likely to be undertaken during the summer.

“It will therefore be necessary to keep this emergency road closure in place until we are able to carry out these repair works.”