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TV debate heckler condemns leaders

The heckler who interrupted David Cameron during the TV leaders' debate said she would not be voting for any of the politicians who took part in the seven-way showdown.

Victoria Prosser, 33, said she was asked to leave after making her intervention during the ITV debate in Salford.

Speaking to reporters outside the studio, she said: "My cause is speaking the truth and making sure as many people as possible start questioning people at the top, the 1%, who are not working in our best interests."

She added: "I can't vote for anyone who I know is lying or omitting facts. That means I couldn't vote for any of the people that I saw tonight. Even though some of them had good ideas, I know that they are all out for the same cause."

Explaining her intervention, she said: "David Cameron mentioned giving a fair deal to everybody in this country, including people such as our fine military service people. Yes they are fine. But they are not treated fine after they have left the Army, when they are in poverty and destitution, homeless on the streets and no hope of getting housed.

"He is using their name just to garner votes, because it might be a vote winner."

She said she came to the debate "with an open mind" but "now I feel that a lot of it was prepared, in a way that they could make themselves look good".

"They don't want to answer the toughest questions because they can't. They can't answer the questions on why all of their policies benefit those at the top and not the rest of us."

She said she was "asked to leave, and they did it politely" after the incident during Mr Cameron's remarks.

The 33-year-old, who said she works in "health and well-being", said: "All I want everyone to do is to start looking at the facts behind things and start realising that there are so many more of us than there is of them, that we can do a better job if we just start getting together and talking about how to do it."

She said a lot of ex-military personnel were "on the streets, suffering from homelessness, deprivation and poverty".

Ms Prosser also raised concerns about environmental issues: "There's a lot of problems going on with backhanders, where fracking might be allowed."

As she was surrounded by reporters and photographers, she added: "There's so many problems that I just felt I had to stand up and say something, especially since I gave them nearly a full hour and I find that they were still lying about a lot of the issues or, instead of lying, omitting the facts because that's what they really do. That's what they've had a lifetime of training to achieve.

"That's why they all come from the same posh schools and that's why I've never had a chance to get a say until tonight when you are all suddenly photographing me."

Ms Prosser, who said she was not a member of any political party, expressed support for the group formed by former Happy Mondays dancer Bez.

"There might be some independent parties like the Reality Party that could do a better job," she said.


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