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Tweet memories as Balls returns to net gaffe store


Twitter error: Ed Balls

Twitter error: Ed Balls

Twitter error: Ed Balls

Ed Balls has returned to the supermarket where he inadvertently tweeted his own name to celebrate the sixth anniversary of the blunder.

The ex-Cabinet minister's online mishap has been commemorated on Twitter as Ed Balls Day every year since the original message was sent at 4.20pm on April 28 in 2011. The Strictly Come Dancing star, who lost his seat in the 2015 general election, shared a video on Twitter that showed him in the Castleford branch of Asda, holding his Blackberry as he turns to the camera open-mouthed. He captioned it: "Ed Balls - Six Years On..."

Last year Balls baked a cake depicting the tweet, which became an internet sensation.

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