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Tweets from the leaders debate

Here are some tweets about the TV leaders debate:

Former Labour spin doctor Alastair Campbell - @campbellclaret

@David_Cameron wins most tense look in opening titles award #leadersdebate

Shadow business secretary Chuka Umunna - @ChukaUmunna

The programme has only just started and already Nigel Farage is blaming immigrants for all our problems. A total con #leadersdebate

Conservative commentator Tim Montgomerie - @montie

Very prime ministerial from David Cameron: He (and Clegg) can stand on a record. Everyone else can only make promises #leadersdebate

PA reporter James Tapsfield - @JamesTapsfield


Comedy writer Simon Blackwell - @simonblackwell

I didn't think you could have boring chaos, but I was wrong. #leadersdebate

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles - @ericpickles

Goodness, Ed is now negotiating with the SNP on air! Sounds like he will be putty in their hands #leadersdebate


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