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Two held over fatal shooting at mansion pool party in quiet village

Two people have been arrested in connection with the death of a 34-year-old man who was shot at a reggae pool party held in a quiet village.

A 36-year-old woman also suffered a gunshot wound to her leg in the incident which happened at a mansion with a swimming pool in Headley, Surrey.

Surrey Police said that one person has been arrested on suspicion of murder and a second on suspicion of assisting an offender but the gun used in the shooting has not yet been recovered.

Neighbours have described hundreds of people gathering for the party which had been advertised on social media with loud music going on into the early hours of Monday when the shooting happened.

Broken glass and rubbish were left strewn around the property the following morning.

Temporary Detective Superintendent Bex Smith said: "Officers were called to a private property in Church Lane following reports of a disturbance at a party being held at the address.

"Officers attended and found the body of a 34-year-old man who had suffered a gunshot wound. A 36-year-old woman is also receiving medical treatment after being shot in the leg but her injuries are not believed to be life threatening.

"This was a shocking turn of events at what had been billed as a private pool party and would have been witnessed by a number of people."

Ms Smith asked for anyone who attended the event or had phone footage of what happened to come forward.

She also asked for information about a white and black Mini car which left the scene.

She continued: "At this stage we believe the weapon used in the shooting was a handgun which has not yet been recovered.

"At this time our thoughts are very much with the family and friends of the man who died."

Reggae dancehall artist Braintear Spookie, real name Jason White, posted adverts for the party on his Instagram account.

The 21-year-old, originally from Kingston, Jamaica, but who moved to the UK in 2013, is listed on the advert as an organiser of the event along with "The Female Boss".

The advert promotes "The Big Mansion Pool Party Part 3 Called My League @ A Posh Location in The Hills", with the Headley address at the bottom of the image.

The singer, who has produced songs with titles including Hurt It Up, Nuh Fault Wid Yuh, and Cah Tek Mi Life, also posted pictures of himself posing with a water pistol at what appeared to be the poolside at the venue prior to the party, which cost £20 to attend.

The house used for the party is in a small road between the church and a village pub.

Local councillor David Preedy had warned police there could be a disturbance due to the size of the gathering and because of previous events held at the property.

Mr Preedy, who lives about a quarter of a mile away, told the Press Association: "There was a noisy party last year that I know was problematic.

"When it was clear that the repeat was being organised, I notified the police on behalf of the parish council and on behalf of the community. Obviously I didn't realise what was going to happen.

"People will be shocked and very worried."

David Baxter, who has friends in Church Lane, said: "There was a smashed car, glass everywhere. The house is next to the church and it is rented out for parties."

Another resident said: "I drove past the house last night and there were lots of people, there were cars parked everywhere, in people's driveways. There were lots of women in brightly coloured African dresses.

"I drove past again at 5.30am on my way to work and it was cordoned off, it had all kicked off."

Neighbour Nick Woolley said: "There was a very loud private party in a house very close to the church which started at 5pm and I was awoken by very loud music, rap-style.

"I was woken at 2.30am by cars honking their cars, trying to get away from it. It was a very loud party with a DJ which was disturbing anyone near it."


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