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UK drivers still face huge tax burden

British drivers are still facing a huge petrol and diesel tax burden despite three years of fuel duty freezes, said the RAC Foundation.

The UK has the highest rate of diesel tax in Europe while only Sweden imposes a higher petrol tax duty than the UK, it said.

Northern Ireland has had the highest petrol prices in the UK for years, with unleaded currently priced at 130p/litre.

RAC figures showed that tax accounts for 59% of the price of diesel in the UK, with Sweden (56%) second. As much as 61% of the price of petrol in the UK is down to tax, with Swedes (62%) paying the most in tax.

In contrast, of 28 European countries surveyed, Luxembourg's drivers fork out the least amount in tax which accounts for only 41% of the total price.

RAC Foundation director, Professor Stephen Glaister, said: "We're only about two weeks away from the Budget and the Chancellor has made much of the fact that fuel duty has not risen for three years. However this has made little impact on the huge proportion of tax the UK's 36 million drivers pay on their fuel."

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