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UK extradition laws to be reviewed

An independent review of the UK's controversial extradition laws is due to be announced by the Home Secretary.

Theresa May is expected to say the review will focus on the extradition treaty between the UK and the United States and the operation of US arrest warrants.

It follows widespread concern that the system is biased against Britain and comes after a series of high-profile cases, including that of Gary McKinnon, the alleged hacker wanted by US authorities.

Tory MP David Davis said: "It is excellent news that the Government is going to review extradition arrangements with the United States and the European Union, and in that review assess the balance of effect and provision of justice in the Gary McKinnon case."

Authorities in the US want the 43-year-old, who suffers from Asperger's syndrome, to stand trial for hacking into secret military computers.

Mr McKinnon, from Wood Green, north London, says he was looking for evidence of UFOs.

Mr Davis said that, and a number of other cases, "show how ill thought out some aspects of these agreements are".

"This review should also incorporate the proposed European Investigation Order which has further scope for unintended miscarriages of justice in which British citizens are penalised for actions which are not breaches of British law," he said.

Earlier this week, Mrs May was urged to address concerns over the extradition treaty between Britain and the US.

Tory Tony Baldry said concerns over the workings of the Extradition Act were not helping to reinforce the "mutual trust" between the two countries.


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