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UK gives £15m more typhoon aid

Britain is to contribute another £15 million towards helping the Philippines recover from the devastation wreaked by typhoon Haiyan, International Development Secretary Justine Greening has announced.

The aid boost - which takes the total UK contribution to £75 million - will help fund efforts to rebuild homes and get people back into jobs.

One of the biggest storms on record, Haiyan killed at least 5,700, destroyed or damaged the homes of six million people and directly affected another nine million.

Among reconstruction efforts being supported by the aid is the rebuilding of homes, schools and hospitals, the restoration of public services and employment programmes.

Efforts to revive the devastated rural economy include reconstructing irrigation systems, replanting coconut trees and re-establishing fisheries.

British experts are also providing advice on protecting the country from similar disasters in the future, restoring businesses and ensuring women and girls are part of the recovery.

Ms Greening said: "The UK was at the forefront of the international emergency response in the Philippines, getting vital humanitarian aid to hundreds of thousands of survivors.

"Now, British money and expertise will help rebuild homes, get people back into work, and protect the most vulnerable, especially girls and women.

"By supporting the reconstruction and recovery effort in the Philippines we are helping the victims of Typhoon Haiyan rebuild their lives and secure a better future."


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