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UK wastes the most food in Europe, says new research

By John von Radowitz

Britain wastes more food than any other country in Europe, new research suggests.

For every one of the UK's 64 million citizens, the equivalent of a tin of baked beans is thrown away every day, according to the findings.

Each year 22m tonnes of food is wasted in the European Union, say the scientists - and nearly 80% of this loss is avoidable.

Even Romania, the most frugal country studied, wasted the equivalent of an apple per person per day.

Most of the food discarded consisted of vegetables, fruit and cereals.

But discarded meat represented the biggest loss of nitrogen and water resources.

"Meat production uses much more resources in the first place, so even a little bit of waste can have a big effect in terms of lost resources," said lead scientist Dr Davy Vanham, from the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC).

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