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'Unhealthy' for Tory survival to rest with DUP, says Varadkar

The Taoiseach has said having the UK Government's survival based on its relationship with the DUP was an "not a healthy place to be".

Mr Varadkar was speaking at an Independent News and Media organised Brexit breakfast at Trinity College on Thursday morning. Mr Varadkar also said the UK can have as close a relationship with the EU as it wants, but it can't "cherry pick".

"On avoiding new trade barriers, that is where we are at the moment. As Chancellor [Angela] Merkel said, the UK can have as close a relationship with Europe as it wants to have. What it can't do is cherry pick. The EU is a set menu restaurant not an a-la-carte," The Irish Independent reported.

The Taoiseach said the UK can't simply continue to take the benefits of the EU after Brexit.

"If you're a member of the club, you're a member of the club. And if you want to be an associate member, you can't write the rules yourself. That is a circle that still needs to be squared."

Mr Varadkar said the text of the withdrawal agreement will be published within two weeks.

Niall Fitzgerald, the former boss of global consumer goods company Unilever - which it's reported is contemplating moving its UK headquaters to mainland Europe - said there was a responsibility to speak out on Brexit.

He said the UK has achieved zero in its negotiations with the EU. But he said it would be wrong to think the UK electorate would change its mind.

"Brexit is already happening, the UK is losing business, investment and talent. It has created a climate of uncertainty and unease that won't easily be reversed," he said.

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