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Union activists threaten Labour MPs with reduced funding over Corbyn disloyalty

Union activists have issued a "hands off Jeremy Corbyn" message to Labour MPs accused of undermining the party leader amid a warning that their funding could be cut.

Mr Corbyn received a rousing reception when he addressed delegates at the annual conference of the GMB in Bournemouth on Sunday, speaking up for workers' rights and attacking inequalities in the workplace.

Delegates supported a call to deselect any Labour MP who refuses to give an undertaking to support Mr Corbyn.

Mick Hirst told the conference that Mr Corbyn should have the backing of all Labour MPs after his convincing leadership victory last year.

The union should review its funding for any Labour MP refusing to fully support Mr Corbyn, he said, adding: "We are in danger of handing the Tories another five years in government so the infighting should stop."

Alison Cousin wore a t-shirt bearing Mr Corbyn's name in a superman-style, saying: "Finally we have a leader who will fight for working people."

Dave Clements said: "We are highly unlikely to have a Labour leader more sympathetic to our causes than Jeremy Corbyn. The Tories are ripping each other apart - it is our duty to fight for a Labour victory."

The conference backed a call for a "clear and unambiguous" commitment from Labour MPs not to destabilise the party.

The Labour leader has backed many union campaigns, such as a higher national living wage and public inquiries into the blacklisting of construction workers and the clashes between police and pickets at Orgreave during the miners' strike.

He has addressed several union annual conferences in recent weeks.


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