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Unusual 2012 resolutions revealed

Dumping a boyfriend, becoming a better lover and saving up for breast enlargement surgery figure on a list of New Year's resolutions being made for 2012.

People were asked what they hoped to achieve in the coming year and many responses differed from the traditional ones of losing weight and giving up smoking.

Some of the more unusual targets for 2012 included meeting Lady Gaga, becoming a famous actor, stroking a giraffe and doing 50 things they have never done before.

Others went for less ambitious goals such as growing their hair, paying off debt and quitting smoking, the goal-setting website found.

Its founder Ricky Cooper said: "Each year people make the same resolutions which nobody ends up sticking to, so I think it's a real positive change to set unique and ambitious targets for the year ahead.

"Some of the challenges are just for fun and some may have much greater long-term implications such as dumping a boyfriend, but all of them will make the person involved feel happier and we think this should be encouraged.

"The fact that people are making these resolutions public on the site and getting comments from other members should make them much more likely to achieve their goals."


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