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Video: Wilson's 'go to the chippy' remark 'flippant and part of Westminster cauldron,' says DUP's Dodds


The DUP's Nigel Dodds described as "flippant" and part of the Westminster cauldron, remarks by Sammy Wilson suggesting people go to the chippy if there are food shortages after the UK's departure from the EU.

The party's leader in Westminster said he was subject to disparaging remarks in the Commons last week when MPs waved bank cards at him when DUP votes were crucial in securing a government win in a confidence vote.

During a speech by SNP leader Ian Blackford urging MPs to back his amendment on the EU withdrawal deal he referenced a food shortage warning issued by supermarkets in the event of a no-deal Brexit. During it Sammy Wilson was heard saying "go to the chippy".

Green MP Caroline Lucas said the remarks made her angry.


An MP waved a credit card at Mr Dodds during his remarks.

An MP waved a credit card at Mr Dodds during his remarks.

An MP waved a credit card at Mr Dodds during his remarks.

"The fact of the matter is during the course of the debate there was lots of flippant remarks on all sides, not just scaremongering and silly stories about all sorts of people being starved and people dying and all the rest of it," said Mr Dodds.

"Last week when we had the no confidence motion there were people in front of me - Lib Dems, SNP - who were making very disparaging remarks and gestures about money being paid to the health service and education and all the rest of it in Northern Ireland for people from all communities.

"So this happens, it's the heat and cauldron of the Commons. What I would say is that what was achieved last night was very significant in terms of the union and for Northern Ireland."

He described as a "tragedy" Theresa May was returning to Brussels to renegotiate a deal when "she knew all along" what she had already agreed with the EU would be rejected in Parliament. 

"What we now need to do is recognise there is a difference between the two sides in the negoiation. And we all took the position if one side says this therefore you wouldn't even start negotiation," he said.

"We are in the position the UK has not and can not ratify the position."

The EU has said the withdrawal agreement and with it the backstop is not up for renegotiation.

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