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'Vile smell' from accused's house

The mummified body of a four-year-old boy was found in his mother's bedroom after an inexperienced police community support officer (PCSO) noticed the "vile smell of filth" radiating from the house, a court has been told.

Jodie Dunsmore, who is now a police officer, told a jury she knew "something was definitely not right" at Amanda Hutton's house in Bradford in September 2011. Pc Dunsmore, who was called Worsley at the time, said she was only on her second day as a full PCSO when she began investigating a neighbour's complaint about the house.

She told the jury how she went back again and again, over a number of days, to knock on the door but got no reply.

Pc Dunsmore said she became even more suspicious when she noticed large quantities of flies on the window ledge and a terrible smell coming through the letter box. She said that after at least five visits, she and a colleague threatened to kick in the door, despite having no such legal power as PCSOs.

The officer said that at that point Hutton opened the door. Pc Dunsmore said Hutton looked "dreadful".

"Her hair was all matted and she was looking very unkempt," she said. "She had a woollen jumper on and it appeared flies were coming off her jumper. She looked like she was going to throw up. She had a look of fear on her face."

The officer said Hutton would not let her in. Pc Dunsmore added: "There was a vile smell of filth radiating from the door. I'd not even got to the end of the path before I'd rung social services. Something was definitely not right."

A jury at Bradford Crown Court has heard how Hamzah Khan was found in a cot in Amanda Hutton's bedroom later that day when police officers arrived. He had been dead for almost two years.

Hutton denies manslaughter.


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