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Vishal Mehrotra: Probe into boy's death should be reopened says father

Vishal Mehrotra vanished in July 1981 near the notorious Elm Guest House in south west London. His partial remains were found in woodland in West Sussex a year after he disappeared
Vishal Mehrotra vanished in July 1981 near the notorious Elm Guest House in south west London. His partial remains were found in woodland in West Sussex a year after he disappeared

A father has called for police to reopen the investigation into the death of his eight-year-old son, Vishal Mehrotra, who disappeared during the day of the Royal Wedding in 1981.

Vishambar Mehrotra's son, from Putney in south-west London, vanished while shopping with his nanny and sister on July 29 1981 - the same day Lady Diana Spencer and the Prince of Wales were married.

In June 1982, four months after Vishal's remains were found, police raided the Elm Guest House and it was widely reported at the time that the raids were linked to the boy's disappearance.

Mr Mehrotra, a retired magistrate, said his young son may have been murdered at the hands of a Westminster paedophile ring.

Mr Mehrotra also wants the Metropolitan Police to examine links between the 1980s paedophile ring led by Sidney Cooke, jailed following Operation Orchid, and Elm Guest House.

Speaking on Channel 4 News following an investigation by LBC radio, Mr Mehrotra said: "I feel that the time for closure is well past, and they (the police) should be doing their job thoroughly and properly and now with forensics and the way it has advanced, I believe that if they reinvestigated Vishal's murder, maybe something concrete will come about. That is important to me.

"The main cause for concern is that the police are even today insisting that everything should be under wraps, behind closed doors, and they are not willing to cooperate either with the media or with me. Whether Vishal's murderer is found is one part of the story, but surely the people should know why the police are taking such an attitude and I think it is wrong."

On notorious paedophile Cooke, he added: "There is mention of Sidney Cooke's involvement with other similar deaths but again my son seems to be on the back burner on this and they never seem to have questioned him about it.

"I don't know why they (the police) are reluctant to talk to him. There is some clear evidence that there was a mention of 12 children who were supposed to have been murdered, nine of whom included one Asian boy. All these matters are out in the public domain.

"Why is it that the police are not taking appropriate investigative action in that direction? I don't understand."

Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith has backed calls to reopen the case. He told LBC: "This tragic story is really a microcosm of something much, much bigger.

"There are so many examples where key evidence has not been looked at, key trails have not been followed, key questions have not been asked, let alone answered.

"I think it's a really valuable thing that LBC - and Tom in particular - has done here...if the evidence that has been provided on LBC was the only evidence, it's overwhelming and [the case] absolutely should be opened again."

MPs Tessa Jowell and Sarah Champion have also added their support for the case to be reopened.

The former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said in November 2014 that allegations Scotland Yard helped "cover up" the boy's death were "grotesque".

At the time he also called for an investigation to be launched into the claims.

Mr Clegg said: "We are in the early stages of a reckoning with our past of things happening on a scale and of a gravity which just a few months ago would have seemed unimaginable and almost too horrific to contemplate.

"The task is to peel back the layers of deception that appear to have happened in the past."

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