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Vow to back 'Alarm Clock Britain'

Hard-grafting Britons who drive the nation's economy by working all-year round will be the Government's priority group for maximum support this year, Nick Clegg has said.

The deputy Prime Minister pledged to stand up for the millions of people who form the "backbone" of the country by snubbing benefits and opting to rise early for work "rain, wind or shine".

Dubbed "Alarm Clock Britain", Mr Clegg said the group would pull the country out of the recession and called for "a coalition of people prepared to roll up their sleeves and get the nation back on its feet".

He promised the Government would help those in employment by lowering income tax for basic rate taxpayers, protecting jobs by cutting employer red tape, increasing childcare for working families and protecting pensions.

Speaking in The Sun, Mr Clegg said: "The people of Alarm Clock Britain deserve a break. They drive our economy every single day of the year. Rain, wind or shine, they are busy making this country tick.

"The Government is formed by a coalition of two parties and we want to join the people of Alarm Clock Britain in another coalition. A coalition of people prepared to roll up their sleeves and get the nation back on its feet."

He continued: "In Alarm Clock Britain people don't want a handout but they appreciate a helping hand. And that is exactly what the coalition Government is offering them."

Mr Clegg said that from April, taxpayers earning less than £42,000 a year will see their income tax bill cut by £200.

And he claimed that by the time of the next election, 23 million people would be paying £700 less.

The Deputy Prime Minister was meeting early morning factory workers in Cricklewood, north London as part of the Alarm Clock Britain campaign.


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