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Wales bears brunt of fresh snow

Britain has been hit by snow, sleet and rain with downpours forecast to dominate overnight.

Wales saw the worst of the snow since Thursday, with up to 2in (5cm) settling in some areas, especially over higher ground, according to forecaster Stephen Davenport.

A band of wintry showers of snow and sleet was expected to spread north and east from Wales and the Midlands to northern England before reaching southern Scotland later.

Southern England experienced heavy rain, with the South West and West Country bearing the brunt.

Mr Davenport, of MeteoGroup, the weather division of the Press Association, said: "Wales have had the worst of the snow so far but it's heading northwards.

"It's gradually turning to rain in the south as milder conditions come in. By the time the band gets up to southern Scotland it's turning to rain almost everywhere else."

Temperatures are varied but there are signs that milder conditions are on the way, with southern England hitting 10C-11C (50F-52F), Mr Davenport added. In northern England, however, the mercury is unlikely to go above freezing (32F) or 2C (36F).

The mixed picture is set to continue into the weekend, which will feature snow showers, rain and dry spells.

"Much of England and Wales will clear up tomorrow for a better afternoon," said Mr Davenport. "But there will still be some wintry showers in Wales, north-west England and southern Scotland."

But forecasters said the snowfall will give way to a milder spell going into next week with temperatures that could reach as high as 13C (55.4F)


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