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War medal unearthed in garden shed

By Ellen Branagh

Two friends who discovered a First World War medal in an abandoned garden shed are hoping to trace relatives of its owner in time to reunite them for the centenary of the war.

Graham Banks and Jennifer Ette discovered the medal in the latter's derelict garden shed just weeks before the nation commemorates 100 years since Britain joined the war.

Mr Banks said he was helping Miss Ette take down a ramshackle shed in her garden in Rugby, Warwickshire, when they made the amazing discovery. The 32-year-old barman said: "She has lived there for four years since she bought the house and has never set foot in the shed.

"She said she opened the door once when she first bought the house, looked inside, and thought, 'oh my God, it's full of spiders', so shut the door and hasn't been in it since.

"When I unlocked the door, I saw the roof had already collapsed, all I had to do was pull on it and the shed basically fell down.

"When the roof fell down, I saw a gold chain which looked like a cheap piece of costume jewellery.

"Next to it there was something that looked like an old coin, but I put it to one side and didn't think anything of it, then went off to work."

It was only when he returned later that day that he realised the significance of the discovery.

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