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Warning over regional unemployment

Unemployment will not return to pre-recession levels for another four years, the TUC has warned.

A study for the union organisation found that unemployment has continued to rise in some parts of the UK, including Yorkshire and the Humber, the East of England and Scotland, despite falling nationally.

The research reveals regional inequalities in the labour market and shows that unless unemployment falls across the country, economic growth will not be spread equally, said the TUC.

General secretary Brendan Barber said: "Although overall unemployment has fallen slightly in recent months in a number places there are parts of Britain where it is getting worse.

"The long-term damage inflicted by the crash and the Government's ongoing economic mismanagement means that even if current rates of progress continue, it will take years for some areas to get unemployment back down to pre-recession levels.

"Unless urgent steps are taken to rebalance the economy and get people back into work at a faster rate, the Government will continue to lose out on billions in tax revenues as a result of unnecessarily high unemployment."

The study was published ahead of new unemployment figures on Wednesday.


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