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Watch balaclava-clad extremist's flag-burning fail

British Nazi tries to burn a flag in his back garden. #failureThanks to Harry Turing who posted this in Expose.

Posted by HOPE not hate on Thursday, 26 March 2015

By Claire Cromie

Footage of a radical British nationalist has gone viral after he tried to burn a European Union flag... and failed.

The man, who's face is covered with a balaclava and speaks with an English accent, recorded himself making an anti-EU speech before attempting to set fire to the Flag of Europe.

The extremist claims the EU is "corrupt to the core", demands "get us out now" and ignites the corner of the flag with a lighter.

After shouting "keep Britain British; rule Britannia", he looks back to see that the flag has not gone up in flames as he expected.

He then spends the next three minutes trying to burn the flag, now set hilariously to the soundtrack of Ozzy Osborne's 'Fire'.

The video was shared online by the "anti-facism" campaign group Hope Not Hate.

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