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Watch: LBC radio presenter furious at caller's suggestion IRA not terrorists

A national radio presenter was furious after a caller to his show suggested the IRA were not terrorists.

Darren Adam, presenter on LBC, was discussing Google's decision not to remove t-shirts celebrating the IRA from its shopping pages.

Irishman John called the show to say he believed the IRA was not a terrorist organisation and indeed it was only the British state that were terrorists because of its "appalling anti-Irish racism which demonised them and called them terrorists".

He was asked if he wasn't confusing the IRA with Sinn Fein.

He said he was not and that the IRA was set up as a "democratically elected organisation" which "indulged in military activity".

"I am not being moronic," he said adding he had been involved in the Irish peace process.

"Look at the bombing the RAF did in the Iraq war. I know the IRA was responsible for killing about 1,700 people in the last conflict. I don't believe in killing or in violence. I am not defending [violence] I am pointing out it is anti-Irish and racist [to call them terrorists]."

"What the hell is wrong with you," presenter Darren Adam hit back.

"You are saying the IRA have never been involved in terrorism, that is the single most ludicrous thing I have heard on this programme.

He added: "Have you ever actually heard your own words said back to you? Have you ever actually heard the noises that your yabbering, flapping mouth makes in your own ears?

"When you wake up in the morning this stupid, how do you get through the day without falling over?"

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