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Watch: Royal Mail’s magical promo launches Harry Potter stamps

Forget owls, Royal Mail has a new set of Harry Potter stamps.

(Royal Mail/PA)
(Royal Mail/PA)

Royal Mail can’t keep its feet on the ground about its new stamp collection – as is seen in this promo video from one of its Mail Centres.

If it’s not obvious from the clip of a levitating postal worker, the new collection features Harry Potter, fellow wizards, and items from the books and movies.

Eagle-eyed viewers will have spotted that the envelope in the Royal Mail clip carries a Wingardium Leviosa postmark covering one of the new stamps – featuring Emma Watson’s Hermione Granger.

As one mail centre worker correctly pronounces the spell, colleagues Nigel and Sharon end up dangling in mid-air.

The letter, addressed to a “Kathryn Goldcrest” in Coventry, has a postmark of Muggleswick, Consett.

The collection features 15 stamps in total with characters from the Harry Potter movies including Potter himself, Granger, Ron and Ginny Weasley and Neville Longbottom.

Fans are excited by their arrival too.

Modes of transport from the films such as the Hogwarts Express, Hagrid’s enchanted motorbike, the flying Ford Anglia and the Knight Bus are also included.

The stamps include hidden details that are only visible under ultraviolet light.

On the first-class stamps, one is a stylised lightning bolt, in reference to the mark Harry has on his forehead.

The stamps are released on October 16.

Here are the stamps:

Harry Potter

(Royal Mail/PA)

Ron Weasley

(Royal Mail/PA)

Hermione Granger

(Royal Mail/PA)


(Royal Mail/PA)

Ginny Weasley

(Royal Mail/PA)

The Hogwarts Express

(Royal Mail/PA)

Hogwarts Staff

(Royal Mail/PA)

It’s not the first time Royal Mail has dabbled with magic.

In 2011, Royal Mail released its Magical Realms stamps which included Dumbledrore and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named among other wizards and enchanters.

In 2007, seven stamps showing the front covers of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter books were released.

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