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Watch the moment pregnant woman confronts anti-abortion protesters outside clinic for 'judging and making women feel guilty'

A video has emerged of a pregnant woman criticising anti-abortion protestors’ for “making other women feel guilty” by filming outside an abortion clinic.

Members of Abort67, self-described as a “public education project that seeks to change how we view abortion” were seen outside a clinic in South London with cameras.

In the footage (below) the group said they were recording for when “people… make false allegations that we are harassing people”.

However, a heavily pregnant passer-by condemned the protesters’ actions as “so wrong” and said they had in fact been filming women going in and out of the clinic.

“You don’t know why people are doing what they’re doing,” she said. “But you want to be out here judging and then filming”.

She said that women may seek an abortion because they have been sexually abused or don’t have the financial resources to bring up a child.

Referring to a recent incident in which a newborn baby was found dead in a wheelie bin in North Yorkshire, she appeared to suggest that such tragedies could be avoided if women did not feel scared to seek an abortion.

The lady contrasted the protesters’ actions with that of nearby charity Kids Company, which provides “practical, emotional and educational support to vulnerable inner-city children”.

The video comes a fortnight after Northern Irish anti-abortion campaigner Bernadette Smyth was found guilty of harassing the director of a Marie Stopes clinic, Dawn Purvis.

Abort67 is known for displaying graphic posters and handing out leaflets containing images of dismembered foetuses outside abortion clinics.

A spokesman said: "If abortion is just the removal of a blob of tissue then why would a woman feel uncomfortable about seeing it?

"The fact that seeing abortion actually makes the whole of society feel guilty is the best evidence that abortion is far worse than the abortion lobby has led us to believe.

"It is perverse beyond belief when the viewers response to seeing abortion is 'how dare you show that to me' rather than 'how dare abortionists do that to an unborn child'."

Unlike the US, Canada or France there are no laws in the UK preventing activist from campaigning outside abortion clinics.

Source: Independent

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