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Weight loss eases epilepsy symptoms

An epilepsy sufferer has spoken of a "huge" improvement in his condition after he shed five stone in weight.

Daniel Hassall, from Sandbach, Cheshire, said there has been a dramatic reduction in the number of epileptic seizures he experiences after he lost weight.

The 6ft (1.83m) 20-year-old, named Slimming World Young Slimmer of the Year, saw his weight plummet from 18 stone 8lb (118kg) to 13 stone 6½lb (85kg) after he ditched a fast food diet.

Mr Hassall regularly suffered up to 30 partial seizures a day and one grand mal, or full seizure, every couple of weeks before his weight loss. Now he says he suffers fewer than five partial seizures a day and the full seizures are far less frequent.

"My doctors can't believe it. They thought there might be a link between my weight and my epilepsy but they never expected losing weight to make such a big difference so they're delighted - and so am I," he said.

"Walking into my Slimming World group was without doubt the best decision I've ever made - it's changed my life - and I really want to share my story with other people who have epilepsy to make them aware of what a difference losing weight could make."

Mr Hassall, one of seven children, said he had struggled with his weight from the age of five when he was diagnosed with epilepsy. As he gained more weight, his life became increasingly "blighted" by the condition and he was frequently in hospital.

As he lost weight, Mr Hassall was able to exercise without triggering a seizure. He is now teaching martial arts as a volunteer.


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