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Welsh Assembly presiding officer catches coronavirus

Elin Jones is at home after developing ‘mild’ symptoms and missed Tuesday’s plenary session where legislation tackling the crisis was approved

The presiding officer of the Welsh Assembly has tested positive for coronavirus.

Elin Jones, who is the Llywydd, said she had started feeling unwell last Thursday – and was told on Tuesday she had tested positive for Covid-19.

The Assembly Member, who represents Ceredigion, had been due to chair the plenary session where the Coronavirus Bill was approved but instead her deputy, Ann Jones took over.

Welsh Assembly presiding officer Elin Jones has been diagnosed with coronavirus (Plaid Cymru/PA).
Welsh Assembly presiding officer Elin Jones has been diagnosed with coronavirus (Plaid Cymru/PA)

“I started my symptoms last Thursday evening and have been in self-isolation at home since then,” she said.

“My symptoms have been very mild – a new cough, slight tightness of the chest and fatigue.

“The symptoms were so slight I could easily have ignored them and persuaded myself I was of no risk to anyone.

“I’m so glad that I heeded the advice or I could have been walking around in Ceredigion and spreading the virus.”

Ms Jones urged anyone who thinks they may be ill to self-isolate.

“The lesson from my experience is clear – even with the mildest of symptoms – self-isolate,” she said.

“Even seek to self-isolate within your home if you can. Don’t ignore any symptoms.

“Never for one moment did I think my result would be positive. I had fully expected to be tested negative so I could chair Senedd proceedings today.

“I continue to be in self-isolation and to follow guidelines. That’s all we can do. Follow guidelines.

“Keep safe all and thank you to all those in our communities and in decision-making positions who are working to tackle and defeat this virus.”