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What is the Royal Air Force doing in Romania, and why?

The RAF is currently taking a leading role in Air Policing over the Black Sea.

Since 1949 countries across Europe and North America have been committed to ensuring the security of the member states of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato) – a tally which currently stands at 29.

Founded on the principle of “collective defence”, the view within Nato is that if one ally is attacked, then all allies are.

– What is Enhanced Air Policing?

Enhanced Air Policing (eAP) is a deployment of defensive but combat-capable forces to demonstrate the collective resolve of Nato allies, the defensive nature of Nato and to deter the threat of Russian aggression against Nato allies.

The countries involved in the deployments in Romania are the UK, the USA and Canada – with Canada taking over from British forces after the end of their four-month period.

According to Nato, their purpose is to prevent a conflict rather than provoke one.

– Where are the British military personnel?

The RAF is currently taking a leading role in Air Policing over the Black Sea – with around 150 British personnel stationed at Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base in Constanta, Romania.

British forces are stationed at the base at the request of the Romanian Government and have been at the site since April 17.

– Why are they there?

The British forces are undertaking the mission to demonstrate their commitment to Nato and to European security.

It is a defensive, combat-capable force to defend Nato allies and deter any form of hostile activity against the Alliance.

After increased Russian presence, provocation and unpredictable behaviour in the Black Sea region, the UK took the decision to contribute to Nato’s Southern Air Policing mission.


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