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What the papers say – April 15

The strikes against chemical weapons facilities in Syria lead the papers.

Air strikes in Syria are the main talking point in Sunday’s papers, after the US, UK and France took part in coordinated and targeted strikes in the early hours of Saturday.

The Sunday Times leads with the story of seven-year-old Masa, who was caught up in a chemical weapons attack in Syria last Saturday which was the trigger for air strikes in the country.

The Sunday Telegraph runs with the headline “locked and loaded” with a picture of an RAF Tornado jet. The words are those of US president Donald Trump, as he said the country was prepared to take part in further strikes.

The backlash against Theresa May for ordering forces to participate in the strikes leads the Observer, with MPs telling the paper she should have asked for the consent of Parliament.

The Sunday Mirror calls the strikes “Russian roulette”, saying the UK is braced for revenge from Vladimir Putin.

The Sunday People claims the US and its allies are ready for a second strike on the country.

The Mail on Sunday runs with the headline “mission accomplished”, the words of US president Donald Trump after the raid.

The Independent carries a poll suggesting only a quarter of people backed the decision to launch strikes in Syria.

And the Sunday Express and Daily Star on Sunday both call the launching of missiles a “strike” against “evil”.

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