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What the papers say – August 1

Boris Johnson’s decision to delay further easing of pandemic measures dominates Saturday’s front pages.


What the papers say – August 1

What the papers say – August 1

What the papers say – August 1

The nation’s papers are led by the halt to lockdown easing amid a surge in England’s coronavirus cases.

The Daily Telegraph and The Times lead with the Prime Minister ‘slamming the brakes’ on further restrictions being lifted as warnings continue to grow over a potential second wave.

The Daily Mail, i weekend and The Independent report England’s chief medical officer Chris Witty has warned the country has “reached the limits of what we can do in opening up society”.

The reopening of leisure businesses and resumption of close-up beauty treatments have been paused for at least two weeks, according to The Guardian.

The Daily Mirror dubs the situation a “lockdown meltdown” while the Daily Express calls the delays “tough love”.

The FT Weekend reports the delay caps a week of “grim” virus figures, with the number of people infected rising from about one in 2,000 to about one in 1,500.

And the Daily Star says a space expert has “bet 50 quid” that a new mission to Mars will find alien life on the planet.