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What the papers say – August 29

Reaction to Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend Parliament makes headlines.

What the papers say – August 29 (PA)
What the papers say – August 29 (PA)

By PA Reporter

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s move to prorogue Parliament unsurprisingly dominates Thursday’s papers.

The Independent strikes a downcast tone, under a dramatic headline of “The Johnson Coup”, saying an “unelected prime minister” had made himself unaccountable to MPs for five weeks of the time left until the October 31 Brexit deadline.

The Guardian leads with the “outrage” expressed over Mr Johnson’s decision.

The Daily Mirror reacts strongly against the move. Under a headline stressing the “rogue” in “Prorogue”, it reports on the “fury and astonishment” over the development.

The Financial Times is also critical, leading on the “uproar” and the “constitutional outrage” at the decision, while the i also leads on backlash from MPs.

And the Metro also takes a concerned stance, reporting on how Mr Johnson had thrust the Queen into the centre of the Brexit crisis by seeking and gaining her approval to his suspension move.

Other papers, however, are more supportive.

The Times says Mr Johnson has gone for broke in his move to “thwart rebels” in parliament opposed to a no-deal Brexit, while adding he’d pushed Britain to the “brink of a constitutional crisis”.

The Sun‘s front page features headlines of “Ballsy Boris comes out fighting”, and “Hey big suspender”.

The Daily Express calls it a “bold move to sweep aside MPs hellbent on stopping Britain from leaving the EU”.

The Daily Telegraph leads with Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg saying MPs trying to thwart Brexit are risking a constitutional crisis.

And the The Daily Mail brands it an “historic move”, saying “Boris takes the gloves off”, while also making some mention of the backlash.

Finally, the Daily Star offers some relief from the proroguing debate, leading with footballer Wayne Rooney’s denial of infidelity claims, and a story about Freddie Mercury’s face appearing in a pork chop.



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