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What the papers say – August 6

Brexit is prominent on front pages, as are stories on the NHS.

What the papers say – August 6 (PA)
What the papers say – August 6 (PA)

The Prime Minister’s Brexit strategy and a plea from Barbara Windsor on dementia care make headlines in Monday’s papers.

The Times reports that Boris Johnson would refuse to step down as PM, even if he lost a vote of no confidence.

The Guardian leads on the same story, saying diplomats have been briefed that the Prime Minister sees a no-deal Brexit as the “central scenario”.

The Independent also features Mr Johnson in its lead story, saying MPs have accused him of acting like a dictator.

The Financial Times reports on the latest in the China-US trade war and its implications for global trade.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail leads on the Carl Beech case, saying it has discovered that a police form used to authorise a raid on the home of Lord Bramall “was riddled with falsehoods”.

The Daily Telegraph front page says the paper understands Brussels believes that Britain will leave the EU without a deal after accepting that Mr Johnson “isn’t bluffing”.

The i reports that Mr Johnson has been accused of pretending money previously set aside for the NHS is new funding.

The Daily Mirror leads with a story on Barbara Windsor calling on the PM “to end the dementia care funding scandal”, while the Daily Express covers the same ground.

The Sun front page is about a mother battling the NHS so her daughter can be treated abroad.

And the Daily Star‘s front page says Match Of The Day host Gary Lineker wants a pay rise.



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