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What the papers say – December 22

Lottery wins and drone disruption make the Saturday papers.


What the papers say – December 22 (PA)

What the papers say – December 22 (PA)

What the papers say – December 22 (PA)

The latest on the drones at Gatwick and a wintry windfall in Lincolnshire make headlines in Saturday’s papers.

The Times leads on Gatwick, reporting that Transport Secretary Chris Grayling “shelved” plans to regulate drone use.

The Daily Telegraph carries an interview with Amber Rudd, with the Work and Pensions Secretary calling European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker “ghastly”.

The Guardian reports on an increase in reported cases of measles cases, linking this to a “growing anti-vaccine movement in Europe”.

The Financial Times carries the latest on the markets, with suggestions of a “bleak year-end”.

The i and the Independent both lead on Gatwick, with the former saying the net is closing in on the suspect while the other says planes were “grounded again” after another sighting on Friday afternoon.

The Daily Mail reports the “drone saboteur… mockingly flashed lights” on Friday evening.

The good – and new-found – fortune of builder Andrew Clark who won £76 million on the EuroMillions makes headlines in many papers. The Daily Mirror says the 51-year-old left the ticket in the sun visor for six weeks.

The Sun calls him “Delight Van Man”.

And the Daily Star calls his win “Vantastic!”