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What the papers say – December 24

A U-turn on fox hunting and the anniversary of George Michael’s death make the papers on Christmas Eve.

British politics is never far from the top of the news agenda, and features prominently on the front pages for Christmas Eve.

The Sunday Times reports that Mrs May is to abandon her manifesto pledge to overturn the ban on fox hunting, as she seeks to “rebrand” the Conservatives as a “caring” party.

The Sunday Telegraph follows up Saturday’s Daily Telegraph front page, reporting that key figures such as Boris Johnson and Michael Gove have condemned HM Revenue and Customs for hitting Brexit campaign donors with “huge tax bills”.

The paper says says a source close to the Foreign Secretary said the demands were “bad for our democracy”.

And according to the Independent, two of the Tories’ “flagship housing plans” to help boost home ownership have been dropped from a new government document.

Meanwhile, the Army is planning to scrap its ‘Be the Best’ slogan because some believe it to be elitist, the Mail on Sunday reports.

The paper says critics have condemned the “politically correct image overhaul” as “futile lunacy” that will “waste” millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money.

A “health gap” between rich and poor is the lead story in the Observer.

The paper says “shocking new figures” reveal that children from poor families are more likely to end up in A&E for emergency treatment for conditions such as asthma and diabetes.

Elsewhere, the Sunday Mirror carries an interview with George Michael’s boyfriend Fadi Fawaz one year on from the superstar’s death on Christmas Day 2016.

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