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What the papers say – February 19

The Labour Party makes headlines on Tuesday.

What the papers say – February 19 (PA)
What the papers say – February 19 (PA)

The resignation of seven MPs from the Labour Party tops many of the front pages on Tuesday.

The Daily Telegraph says Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been warned more could resign after the “Gang of Seven” quit the party over bullying, anti-Semitism and Brexit.

Deputy leader Tom Watson has told Mr Corbyn he must change direction or face a worsening split, The Guardian reports.

The Times says Mr Watson told the leader to reshuffle his top team and said that he and other Labour MPs would in any case develop a policy programme in the party’s “social democratic” tradition.

The Daily Mirror runs with the headline “Splitting Headache” and says the Labour Party was plunged into crisis.

Mr Corbyn was on “red alert” for new defectors, reports the i, while the Daily Mail describes him as a “leader who’s lost the plot”.

In other news, the Financial Times leads on Honda, which is set to announce the closure of its flagship UK plant, putting 3,500 jobs at risk.

The Metro also carries the same story, and calls the plans a body blow to the UK car industry.

Meanwhile, Shamima Begum continues to make headlines, with The Sun reporting that the runaway schoolgirl said the Manchester Arena bombing was “fair justification” for air raids in Syria.

The Daily Express runs with a similar headline, saying the teenager’s comments sparked an outcry.

And the Daily Star reports that EastEnders star Danny Dyer waded into the debate by calling for Ms Begum to be allowed back to Britain so she can explain herself.



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