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What the papers say – January 1

The Prime Minister’s hopes for 2020 and the world climate are among the stories making front pages on the first day of the year.

What the papers say – January 1 (PA)
What the papers say – January 1 (PA)


Boris Johnson and global warming dominate headlines on New Year’s Day.

The Daily Express leads by saying Boris Johnson “hails a new chapter for a prosperous Britain”, a story The Times also covers.

The Daily Telegraph says more than 500 10-15 year-olds are mugged every day but are too scared to tell the police.

The Guardian splashes on a story about a raid on the US embassy in Iraq.

The Independent leads with a question: will the world finally act on the climate crisis?

And the i has a front page picture and story on bushfires in Australia.

The Daily Mirror also touches on similar ground, saying the Duke of Cambridge has launched a major environmental prize in a bid to save the planet.

And the Daily Star front page reports that “moaners say Snowdon is too steep, too cloudy and there’s no Costa”.



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