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What the papers say – January 19

Brexit and the Duke of Edinburgh feature on the fronts.


What the papers say – January 19 (PA)

What the papers say – January 19 (PA)

What the papers say – January 19 (PA)

The latest on the Duke of Edinburgh’s car crash, Brexit and car parking charges for employees all make the front of Saturday’s papers.

The Times leads with local authorities looking to charge motorists for parking at work as they look at plans to tackle pollution.  A Workplace Parking Levy has already been in place in Nottingham since 2012 and at least 10 other councils are looking at bringing a similar scheme into force.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Facebook has been paid to host adverts from Remain campaign groups to push support for a second referendum including one which claimed endangered animals were being threatened by Brexit.

The Guardian also runs with Brexit, reporting that top doctors have urged the Government to be transparent about the extent of national drug stocks.

The Financial Times carries warnings of a “rupture” in the Conservative party over Brexit – with hardliners said to want to “stall” talks with Labour over a “softer deal”.

The reports that Conservative activists have been put on “poll alert”, suggesting a snap general election could take place.

The Independent runs with Brexit fallout, with the paper saying the Human Rights Act may be under threat when Britain leaves the bloc as part of a “constitutional shakeup”.

The Daily Mirror reports the Duke of Edinburgh is “back on the road” after his involvement in a crash near the Sandringham Estate on Thursday.

The Sun carries an interview with one of the people on the scene of the crash, with the duke allegedly saying he had been a “fool”.

The Daily Mail questions whether it may be time for the Queen’s consort to stop driving.

The Daily Express reports on a benefit fraud case, during which the judge was critical of the “cumbersome, overrun and creaking” system.

And the Daily Star reports on Myleene Klass’ alcohol issues as she went through a divorce.