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What the papers say – July 21

Excitement over promising early signs from a Covid-19 vaccine study fills the front pages on Tuesday.


What the papers say – July 21

What the papers say – July 21

What the papers say – July 21

Many papers lead with photographs of actress Amber Heard outside court, but the main story concerns the encouraging results from the University of Oxford’s coronavirus vaccine trials.

The Times and the i report scientists attached to the Oxford study have given hope a vaccine could be ready by the end of year, while the Daily Mirror says there is hope for a “vaccine by Christmas”.

The Daily Mail calls the study a “British breakthrough” and Metro says the “Covid Buster” trains the body to fight off the coronavirus.

The trial is also praised as a breakthrough in The Guardian , while the Financial Times reports the UK will have access to 90 million potential doses after the Government reached agreements with private pharmaceutical firms.

The Daily Express reports on the Chancellor promising a “pay rise reward” for frontline pandemic workers,

An investigation has found Russia attempted to influence the Scottish independence referendum but not the Brexit vote, according to The Daily Telegraph.

And the Daily Star says a trial involving Johnny Depp has revealed the actor accused his then wife Amber Heard of having affairs with Hollywood stars including Channing Tatum, who Depp dubbed “Mr Potato Head”.