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What the papers say – July 29

Brexit and other political tales are among the headlines on Monday.

What the papers say – July 29 (PA)
What the papers say – July 29 (PA)

A range of stories make the front of the papers at the start of the working week, from the latest thinking on Brexit through to trouble in a holiday destination favoured by Britons.

The Times leads with new Prime Minister Boris Johnson looking to “shore up the Union” with a £300 million expansion of growth deals across Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Mr Johnson has ordered ministers to “go into overdrive to prepare for a no-deal exit” from the EU with £100 million to be spent on advertising to get Britain ready for an October 31 departure.

Brexit also leads The Guardian, leading with an Institute for Government report which claims there was “no such thing as a managed no-deal”.

The i leads with Mr Johnson’s “pledge for the Union”, but adds that the Prime Minister has been accused of “fiddling with recycled spending plans while Rome burns”.

And the Daily Express says that Mr Johnson is beefing up plans for a no-deal departure.

The Financial Times leads with Vauxhall owner PSA saying it could remove production from Ellesmere Port if Brexit makes it unprofitable.

Elsewhere, Metro leads with the hunt for attackers after a passenger was knocked out on a train in a reportedly homophobic attack.

The Independent leads with the case of a woman who claims she was raped after being deported from the UK to Uganda.

The Daily Mirror writes about a spate of stabbings in Magaluf.

While the Daily Mail says that patient numbers at some GP surgeries have risen by a third in two years, leading to family doctors being put under “huge pressure”.



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