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What the papers say – June 15

Concerns about the easing of social distancing and the conflicting push to have Britain return to the shops feature on the Monday front pages.


What the papers say – June 15 (PA)

What the papers say – June 15 (PA)

What the papers say – June 15 (PA)

Efforts to get the country shopping again and contrasting concerns about easing social distancing head the nation’s papers.

The Guardian leads on a warning from the World Health Organisation to Boris Johnson not to lift lockdown until the Government’s contact tracing system works.

The Independent also leads on a cautionary note in saying Government ministers could overrule scientists on the easing of social distancing.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mirror urges people to help the retail sector record, with a front page headline of “Shop for Britain”, a theme also taken up by the i and the Daily Express.

And the Daily Star flags the return to shops as “Manic Monday”.

The Times says a forecast VAT reduction might be used to tempt people back to the shops.

But the Financial Times says more than a million people have missed out on the Government’s coronavirus support schemes.

The closure of schools during lockdown has sparked fears of a child obesity crisis, according to the Daily Mail.

The Daily Telegraph takes up the issue of removing historic statues by leading with Boris Johnson’s quote: “We can’t photoshop our history.”

And Metro leads on the Black Lives Matter protester who rescued a far right protester in London on Saturday.