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What the papers say – June 19

The death of Dame Vera Lynn and the Government’s troubled Covid tracing app are among the main topics on the front pages.


What the papers say – June 19 (PA)

What the papers say – June 19 (PA)

What the papers say – June 19 (PA)

Farewells to Dame Vera Lynn and the Government’s contract tracing app problems feature prominently on the front pages on Friday.

The Daily Mirror pays tribute to Dame Vera after her death at 103, while the Daily Express leads with the Queen’s sorrow.

Metro devotes its front page to the wartime heroine.

And the Daily Mail carries a farewell headline of “Goodnight Sweetheart”, while leading with a story on the latest in a string of “corona fiascos” concerned the Government’s tracing app.

The Times also takes up that theme, reporting on a technology failure it says leaves the “virus tracing plan in disarray”.

The Independent also reports on the turmoil with the tracing app.

And the Daily Star leads on Dominic Raab’s misconception that taking a knee was inspired by Game of Thrones. On the heels of the Dominic Cummings scandal, they have called it “Dom & Dumber”.

Meanwhile, The Guardian leads on an internal review which suggests a “toxic culture” within the Labour Party was responsible for their heavy defeat in last December’s election.

The Daily Telegraph‘s main story concerns a promise of extra funding for schools to help children catch up on learning.

The i, however, leads on doom and gloom in the school sector, saying millions of GCSE and A-level grade are likely to be marked down this year owing to overly-generous predictions by teachers.

And the Financial Times reports on a drop in Wirecard shares amid warnings of missing funds.